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Sign On The Dotted Line

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For college football fanatics who have a desk job, like myself, today is sort of like the first round of the NCAA hoops tourney, where you spend way more time sneaking peeks at TV's, sports sites and (in the case of me waiting for a client lunch today) video footage from ESPNU on my Blackberry. While recruiting is a year round job, the growth of online interest and major media coverage in recent years has turned signing day into the ultimate crescendo where a host of top players "officially" declare where they will be headed by putting on their teams hat and signing their life name on the letter of intent.

Unfortunately for my team, The U, today was similar to our last football season - highly anticipated and hyped to start, then disappointing when it was all over. For the other two Florida schools it was a darn good day - with some already saying that the 2010 Gators may be the greatest class of recruits in college football history.... Do you think we may be getting ahead of ourselves?!?

A pair of recent high profile Miami recruits help illustrate how little weight we can put into recruiting - Kyle Wright, the all-world QB and Arthur Brown, the super stud LB - as both of them had underwhelming careers at Miami and now Wright is probably coaching a high school team somewhere back in NorCal and Brown is now back home in Kansas after just two years and not even 20 total tackles.

Of course, thats not to say that all recruiting is BS, as you need to have the top recruits to have a top program (see the Larry Coker years at Miami), but frequently when you look back at these much hyped days of yesteryear the "major signings" dont seem to be nearly as important as we treated them when they happened.... So, for fans of Miami or Ohio State, have no fear, todays lack of big activity doesnt mean you have been mathematically eliminated from the BCS - and, for fans of Fla St or Tennessee, savior the flavor, enjoy today but recognize there is a whole lotta work between now and the end of the 2012 season.