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My Fan Flash - It's not a dance...

We made some new friends this week over at My Fan Flash, which is a new site that lets super sports fans create a free account, then pick their favorite teams and basically get all of the info from around the sports blogosphere that they would care about served up on a nice shiny platter. They already have Front Office Fans tied into their service and they will be adding on our team to their lineup when we get them on the field. Here's a little blurb from them professing how amazingly rad their site is:

What is It's a sports revolution. News, columns, blogs, video, Twitter and podcasts about your teams, players and coaches delivered directly to you. It's about having sports information at your fingertips, including some new content you've probably never found before. It's about adding and improving sources along the way. It's changing the way you follow sports (and doing it all for free).

We're not convinced any governments will actually be overthrown by My Fan Flash, but it does seem to be a cool concept, created by some cool people, so we're trying to help spread the news... check them out at


And for the record, when I get down in the stands I'd like to think it looks like this - if it was being done by a far more handsome and athletic individual: