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Seeing Red

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Quick...what's the name of the Eastern Washington football team? We weren't sure either. Apparently it's the eagles. And when you think eagles you think red, right? We'll assume you answered no, unless your eyes are literally bleeding.

But if you don't normally associate eagles as red, you definitely soon will. If the University of Eastern Washington and alumni and current Tennessee Titan Michael Roos have their way (and it looks like they will), they'll soon be playing on an all red synthetic playing surface (think Boise State, but um, not blue).

Here's the info from the UEW website - which is in dire need of a makeover...

Eastern Athletic Director Bill Chaves, who is working with associate athletic director for development Marc Hughes on the project, said EWU needs to secure additional funding through private contributions before actual replacement can be started. It is hoped that the project can be funded and completed in time for the 2010 season.

"There is no doubt that one of Boise State's claim to fame has been their blue turf and like it or dislike it, it has certainly brought them a tremendous amount of notoriety," said Chaves. "In a similar vein we have a tremendous opportunity at Eastern to do the same by differentiating ourselves with the red turf while providing a superior playing surface."

It's one thing to get new turf because your stadium needs it and it'll improve the gameplay, but it's another to copy another school's idea just to draw attention to your team. Get creative, Chaves.

It works for Boise State (maybe we're just used to it at this point) but to be honest it gives us a bit of a headache seeing it on TV. It's just SO much blue. And red is just so much harsher on the eyes.

Our opinion? EWU's marketing initiative should start with their website. IT'S HORRIBLE! It easily could've been made in the early 90's. Once that's taken care of, maybe then we'll let them install red turf.

Oh, and you gotta watch their "Red Turf Trailer" video on the homepage. I want that voice-over dude to be the official voice of OUR team. We need to make that happen.

Personally, we're afraid this is the start of something very, very bad. What's your take?