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Just in time for the Super Bowl we were handed this report from some friends at Taylor PR about their client, the popular Q&A search engine, which showcases the Top 10 searches that "sports fans" have been running about each of the teams' starting QB's in the days leading up to the game. Nothing too surprising, but the questions seem to be pretty general and more lifestyle focused - meaning its more of the casual fan and not as much of the die hards, which seems logical as its that draw of the masses that makes the Super Bowl the biggest game of the year.

Top Questions about Peyton Manning on

1.  Is Peyton Manning married?

2.  How much does Peyton Manning get paid?

3.  How old is Peyton Manning?

4.  Does Peyton Manning have children?

5.  Where did Peyton Manning go to college?

6.  Where was Peyton Manning born?

7.  Is Peyton Manning a Christian?

8.  Is Peyton Manning gay?

9.  What is Peyton Manning’s phone number?

10.  What makes Peyton Manning sexy?


Top Questions about Drew Brees on

1.  How did Drew Brees get the scar on his face?

2.  Is Drew Brees married?

3.  How old is Drew Brees?

4.  What does Drew Brees say in the huddle before each game?

5.  Where did Drew Brees go to college?

6.  How tall is Drew Brees?

7.  Where did Drew Brees grow up?

8.  Is Drew Brees Catholic?

9.  How much does Drew Brees weigh?

10.  What round was Drew Brees drafted in?

And for that last one, the answer is the Second Round, 32 picks behind the #1 overall selection Michael Vick… Another great example of a GM not quite getting it right!