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What sport should Project Franchise buy a team in?

What sport should Project Franchise buy a team in?

The first thing we need to decide is what type of team we want to run. Once we pick a sport, then we can begin working on finding specific teams and leagues that we can negotiate with to get our squad. We had an initial vote that included every sport we could think of and have now moved to a run off of the top three:

  • Baseball - because of the games history and organization, baseball carries the most cache as a minor league sport with almost all major league players having played minor league baseball at some point. Teams are very prevalent and located in all parts of the country. However, baseball’s following has dwindled in recent years as the other sports have become more popular.
  • Football - it has now become the most popular and profitable sport in America on a high professional level. However, the teams are more expensive to operate and not much success has been seen by football teams and leagues outside of the NFL.
  • Basketeball - because of the smaller team sizes basketball is likely the most cost effective option and the minor league basketball scene has grown quite a bit in recent years. However, with the emergence of high profile Euro hoops, US minor league basketball tends to draw lower end talent and the teams rarely bring in enough fans to maintain profitability.

Once we've selected the type of sport, the Team Captains will undertake a thorough research project that will help us present a variety of options for leagues that we can buy teams in for the next big vote. If you have any suggestions for teams or leagues we should start looking into now, feel free to submit a nomination.

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