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Super Day Of Eating

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>>>UPDATE 2<<<The final weigh in ended up being just under 163, so I only put on about 5.5. lbs during Super Bowl Sunday, but luckily by this morning I'm back down to the 150's and on my way to recovery. PS - the Jalepeno cornbread were really the big hit of the party (compliments to the wife).

>>>UPDATE 1<<< I just did a preliminary post game weigh in and came through at 162.7, definitely below expected but there is still a lot of beer to be drank.

I'm a fairly slender late 20's male (6ft, 155 - ding!) with a pretty high metabolism, so I have the ability to put on and take off weight very quickly. It's not strange for my weight to fluctuate by 3 or 4 pounds at different points in the day - and when I was training for a marathon last year I could literally take down a full In-N-Out double-double meal with a milkshake and be still quite hungry. However, my greatest display of eating weight gain occurred during the 2004 Super Bowl - in that game the Pats beat Panthers, but the most memorable part of the game was Janet Jackson's infamous "wardrobe malfunction" - where I put on approximately 8.7 lbs from kick off to the end of the game. Now most of this was probably water weight from the half dozen brews I took down, but there was a considerable amount of wings and seven layer dip adding to that mix.

For today's game, the wife and I are hosting a small affair for 10-15 friends and (given our inclination to root for the Saints) have taken on a "Southern" theme - think hurricanes, fried chicken, mac & cheese, cole slaw, shrimp po' boys, etc. We will also have a variety of more traditional items - chips & guac, beer, pigs in a blanket (ok thats not so traditional, but they are delicious) - and then are washing it all down with some Coca-Cola cake and ice cream.

I'm entering todays all day pig-out slightly heavier than normal and have just weighed myself and am tipping in at 157.4 lbs 2 hours before kick off and without having eaten anything today. The wife thinks I'm going to finish up this evening at 164, but I'm hoping to hold it together and stay right on 162. I guess it will depend on how good the game is (figure a better game means more engaged and less roaming in the kitchen) and of course how good the cake is - because a couple of slices of that business and I could be clearing 165 and nearing a new personal record.

Enjoy the game - and all of the eating!