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Super Game, Not So Super Ad's

At the end of the day, professional sports is a business and events like the Super Bowl can't go off in such spectacular fashion without the hundreds of millions of dollars in support they get from sponsors and advertisers. The great part about the Super Bowl in particular is that its become so expensive to run ads (approx $3mil for a 30 second spot) that companies put tons of money into the production of their big game ads and tend to come up with the most fun and creative ideas on Super Sunday.

Unfortunately yesterday's ads were just average and there were very few stand out spots. One that really peeved me for what I think is a lack of understanding about the audience is the Google spot. The search giant ran an ad that basically walked through the progression of searches being run by someone (assumed to be a man) who was in love with a person in Paris, France (assumed to be a woman) and was searching for a variety of ways to get closer. I think in San Francisco (where Google is based) and amongst liberal elitist females this ad played quite well - but I just dont think thats who is making up the bulk of the Super Bowl viewing audience.

While I probably dont have the grounds to question the marketing tactics of one of the most recognizable brands in the world, I was very amused by this sports themed spoof ad, that I think plays much more to the actual viewing audience.