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New Orleans Saints
- While a lot has been made of the Saints, their improbable Super Bowl run and the joy that it has brought a city that has been to hell and back in the past decade, it honestly can't be repeated enough. As a group of passionate sports fans, dedicated to the idea that a team should belong to its fans, we are literally thrilled that the local fans in New Orleans have been able to celebrate this win with a team that has such a mutual respect and adoration for its fans.

A couple of weeks ago, as SB fervor was getting all lathered up, the NFL corporate suits tried to stop unlicensed vendors from selling shirts emblazoned with "Who Dat" - but the local New Orleans government, and supposedly team ownership, came in and helped to ensure that the rallying cry for the City's team stayed in the City's domain.

Few fanbases have put up with more terrible seasons and general futility than the residents of the Big Easy - so now that their time has arrived we sure hope they enjoy "Lombardi Gras"... and having spent a night or two in the Quarter, we're pretty sure they will.

And in honor of the Saints win and the dangerous quantity of Hurricanes being taken down at Patty O's, we've released our first championship piece of Project Franchise Fan Fits - a local special for Saints fans looking to get their party on.