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Please Accept Our Apology, World

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Okay, so yesterday was a pretty good day for Canadians. But there's just no excuse for what we subjected the entire world to at the closing ceremonies when we paraded out the biggest pile of crap we could put together. 

You would have thought that after Nickelback it couldn't get any worse. But then it did. Avril Lavigne. Alanis Morrissette. Simple Plan. Hedley. K-os. (Okay, K-os is actually pretty decent. But that song he played wasn't.)

I can't say enough, and I hope the world believes me, but please note that nobody over the age of fourteen in Canada actually listens to that music.

I swear, we do have some talent in this country. Would a worldwide spectacle not have been the perfect place to showcase Arcade Fire?

I held out hope that Georges St. Pierre would rush to the stage and knock out everyone of those bands, but it just wasn't meant to be.

So, please, please, accept this apology. But if the IOC never grants us another Olympic games, I certainly will understand their reasoning.