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Another night, another game winner from Kobe. It's getting to become so routine that even his fading away, towards the baseline rainbow from the corner with less than 2 seconds to play doesn't seem like much of a big deal. Yes, we know he missed a game winner at the buzzer just two days ago when the Lakers lost in Orlando - but that came after he hit two clutch jumpers on the previous two possessions (including a foot on the line shot that would have tied the game had it been 2 inches further back). And that really only adds to the allure, proving that he has ice in his veins and can brick a buzzer beater one night, then come back and stick one the next.

Derek Jeter & Big Papi have had some big hits in their careers, Peyton Manning & Tom Bradyy each have a ton of late game TD drives, and LeBron and DWade have their fair share of game winners - but there is no one in sports right now who can even compare with Kobe's clutchness... well as long as a certain Tiger is still in hiding.