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Don't hate the player, hate the owner?!

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Earlier this week, SB Nation's Andrew Sharp asked a simple question. What's more valuable in sports: a great owner, or a great player?

He used the example of the lowly Nets as he pondered if they would be better off getting the #1 overall pick or an insanely wealthy owner who was willing to spend dollars like they are going out of style (which I think they technically are).

It was a really good article, breaking down each major sports league - as to who was more important to a team's success, the owner or the player.

Check out the article @

Clearly we at Project Franchise think that its not quite that cut and dry - as we believe that it starts with the owner (and their GM/"Front Office"), but that all the money in the world wont necessarily buy a winning team... Just ask Daniel Snyder. Hopefully our team will help to show a new model, where the fans actually have a voice and can help make the best decisions for a team as a group - meaning there is really a new component in the formula, where the quality of the team will be dependent on the quality of the fans!