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Choking with excitement for "Winning Time"

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The ESPN "30 for 30" series has been garnering rave reviews from just about everyone.  I have only seen a handful, specifically "The U" and "Jimmy the Greek" but both were outstanding and the only criticism I heard about either was that "The U" wasn't long enough.  Of course that critique was from myself and other die hard Canes fans that wished the film went straight through to the 2001 National Championship team. 

I'm sure I will catch most of the series over time, but there are very few storylines that I have to watch immediately upon release...but "Winning Time" which details the story of Reggie Miller and the Knicks/Pacers rivalry, has been set to record on my Tivo since I saw the first trailer (below).  Because both teams have fallen so far since that marquee playoff series, people tend to forget how fierce the rivalry was and how great almost every game was between these two teams.

With the timely release of Winning Time, this seems like a perfect time to intro one of our new Project Franchise Fan Fits,  which is the apparel branch of Project Franchise, so all sales go towards the purchase of a fan run minor league sports team.  Buy a cool shirt and help change the face of professional sports.

In honor of the Knicks "biggest" fan, we have released this sweet T - so pick one up and help a good cause!