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All Eyes On Augusta In April

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This mornings announcement that Tiger Woods is planning his return to golf for the Masters sets up an awesome climactic event at the first major of the year. Tiger has won a handful of British Opens and PGA Championships, and very few will every forget he dominating fashion to won a US Open at Pebble, or the rowdy US Open he claimed at Bethpage Black - but the Masters is Tiger's tourney. When you picture Tiger winning a championship, you cant help but envision him in the Georgia dusk - Rolex Tag a metallic watch shining in the light of camera flickers as it sneaks out from the sleeve of the green jacket draped over a red Nike polo.

The question is how will the fans react? The folks at Augusta National are notorious for keeping their tourney under tight lock-down and the fans in attendance tend to be the most serious, conservative golf nuts around - this aint the 16th at the TPC in Scottsdale. You have to imagine there will be a few hecklers, but its hard to envision a Masters tourney where the fans loudly boo or harass the games greatest star. Tiger has long garnered the largest gallery's at major events, but this ought to be a joke - I mean who would get a ticket to the Masters this year and spend their time following Mike Weir & Paul Goydos, while Tiger is prowling three holes away.

Whether you're a golf fan or a Tiger fan really doesn't matter at this point, because the human drama at this years Masters is going to blow away anything NBC could ever conjure up for the Olympics - and that should make it the most viewed golf tourney of all time.