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Browns Sign Delhomme, Prove Why They Suck

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"My own belief is this team needs an aging veteran," Holmgren said. "They need a guy that is going to grab everybody by the throat and say, 'Follow me through that door.' I don't look at him as an aging veteran, I look at him as the leader I wanted.

After reading that I question Mike Holmgren's ability to turn around the Cleveland Browns' fortunes. I mean I know Holmgren was in retirement last year, but please tell me he took the time to actually look at what Jake Delhomme has done in the last 12 games he played. Who the hell would follow this guy anywhere after the season he just had?

To describe his play as anything other than an abomination would be generous. In his last playoff game he threw 5 interceptions, which somehow convinced the Panthers to give him a 5-year, $42.5 million extension including $20 million guaranteed. Carolina still owes him $12 million after cutting him. They would rather pay this guy eight figures to go play somewhere else and Cleveland obliged. Here's a comparison of Delhomme's last 12 starts compared to the Oakland Raiders' JaMarcus Russell.

QB Comp. Att. Pct. Yds. TD Int. Rating
Delhomme 195 355 .549 2220 9 23 55.4
Russell 145 283 .512 1690 8 11 62.9

I honestly can't imagine a more ridiculous decision being made by Holmgren. This is a guy in charge of turning around an NFL franchise that has been a league-wide joke for most of the past decade and has flamed out with multiple quarterbacks starting with Tim Couch and the latest casualties being Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn. So naturally after you make a smart trade for Seneca Wallace you decide to sign a guy to be your starter that's managed to be worse than Russell .

Damn. Here I was feeling bad for myself being a Bills fan. Oh wait we still haven't signed anybody this offseason. I'm not sure what's worse. Deciding not to spend any money at all to improve a 6 win team or spending money on a 35 year old quarterback who's coming off of a historically bad 12 game stretch to be a game changer for a 5 win club. Oh I almost forgot to mention that Cleveland gave him $7 million guaranteed. I didn't know that Holmgren also worked for AIG.

I hope for the sake of Cleveland Browns fans that Delhomme doesn't suck, but now that he doesn't even have the luxury of having Steve Smith to throw too that seems highly unlikely.