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The Canadian Women's Hockey Team - how could they have done something so terrible?

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The night you win a gold medal you can do whatever the f you want (besides murder)
The night you win a gold medal you can do whatever the f you want (besides murder)

Who are these people that are always bitching? Who is this invisible moral group that feel's that they should be the conscious of the world? Whoever these people are they need to just stfu, I am talking about the people that decided to rain on the parade of the Canadian Women by complaining about the nature of their on ice celebration after winning the gold medal. Who the hell cares if they drank champagne and took a couple of puffs of cigars in celebration of achieving a goal they worked for all of their lives? News Flash they are adults and most adults celebrate achievements by having a glass of champagne and having a good old time, hell, most people celebrate the end each workday of their lives by doing the exact same thing. Not to sound like Jerry Seinfeld, but, who are these people? Get real, get a life and keep your opinions to yourselves, why would you go and take away from their moment by bitching about their celebration? I truly feel bad for those women who worked their butts off their entire lives just so that someone or some group could open their stupid trap and take away from their great accomplishment. I think the whole thing reeks of sexism, I mean when that dumb oaf Mark Texeira straps on his goggles and douchely dumps champagne on Johnny Damon while A - Rod lays down on his back and catches the stream coming off his ass - nobody bitches. These women should be pissed and they should never have given these people the satisfaction of apologizing, a straight middle finger would've done just fine.