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Tiger Lurking In The Weeds

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In his first proper interview(s) today, El Tigre spent 5 good minutes with Joe Lunardi of ESPN and some guy on Golf Channel (but who even knows what number it is on the dial?!) where he continued to mend his battered image. He technically answered every question, but of course did plead the fifth a few times claiming that it the answer was a personal matter between him and his wife and his 762 skanks.

It was a bit real and somewhat heartfelt, but again seemed to really just be part of a highly controlled plan to work himself back into the public's good graces. I used to LOVE Tiger, and frankly I could care less about his infidelity, but its the way that he's handled it that has really rubbed me the wrong way. Talking to the fans as if we are idiots who are to believe that his wandering wang eye was the result of not doing enough meditation, rather than the simple fact that he's a dude who could get any chick he wanted.

I'm not currently rooting for Tiger, but, lucky for him, there is no other decently entertaining character in golf - now that Lefty has won a few majors and Daly is on his 84th trip to rehab or something. So, he can keep all of this BS media stuff to himself and just go out and play - because if he's in the hunt as he hits Amens Corner on Sunday, I think I'll be back on the bandwagon pretty quick.