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March Madness Brackets Suffer Quick, Painful Death

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What an opening weekend of the Tourney. I remember last year thinking "man, this is the most predictable tournament in my lifetime." Last year, everyone was still in the hunt to win their march madness office pool. This year? Not so much. The one thing that you can count on after this weekend is that 90% of peoples brackets are screwed, and if you were smart (or lucky) enough to pick upsets this year, you're probably in first. Or last. Whatever.

To those smart souls who sprinkled some upsets on your bracket, congrats. You're probably still in the crapper. To alumni of Northern Iowa who didn't pick your squad to beat Kansas in the second round, shame on you. You should know better. Villanova? They were lucky to make it out of the first round, and then bit it in the 2nd, along with Pitt. Georgetown hit the crapper in the first round. 3rd seed New Mexico? C-ya. 4th-seeded Wisconsin? The Ivy League bids you adieu.

Quite frankly, this past weekend was exhilarating, heart pumping and heart breaking all at the same time. At this point, take a look at how many "Points Attainable" you have. If you're in the top 10% of your pool there, I'm saying there's a chance. If you've got Cuse or Duke or OSU or Kentucky winning it all, I'm saying there's a chance. If you've got a Kansas-Nova final with Kansas winning it all, I'm saying there's NO chance.

How'd you do this weekend? Are you still in it?