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Tiger's Approval Rating In The Rough

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No major surprises from today's ABC/ESPN poll getting fan's opinions of Tiger's recent press conference and his general image in the aftermath of what has to be one of the greatest falls from grace in sports history. Although it does look like he's finally beginning to dig himself out of the hole of public scrutiny and has a fighting chance to win the fans over again.

They surveyed 1,000 people and put the top answers on the board:

  • 54% of respondents said they believed his apology was sincere
  • 22% thought he was full of BS
  • 39% had a "favorable" opinion of Tiger now
  • 55% of fans area ready to "forgive" Woods
  • 29% believe Elin should forgive her husband

While this is all a far cry from his 2008 "approval rating" of 88%, we were actually a bit surprised that the public sentiment was somewhat positive considering how low he had sank in the last few months.