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Bullish At Butler

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If your bracket had Butler in the Final Four, then congratulations bc you are either the ultimate college hoops geek or you happen to go to (or went to) Butler and this must be the best week of your sports fan life. I went to The U and when I was in school we played for 2 football national championships - winning one in Pasadena and getting robbed in Phoenix the following year. And both times myself and about 800 friends (ya I was a BMOC) made the trip way west for the games - and both were as much fun as I can remember having... and need I repeat "I went to college in Miami", where you'd literally have to blindfold yourself and get tied up to a termite infested palm tree to not have fun.

So, if I were a Butler student or alum, how amazingly ecstatic would I be right now?! I honestly cant even imagine.

My no-name team has cinderella'd themselves into the Final Four and a totally win-able game against an ailing Michigan St - and its being played basically at home and its the middle of the semester! Hallelujah! 

The way the college football season works you just dont get that kind of excitement, because by the time the national championship stage is set, there is no room for the little guy to sneak in - and, even if you are Miami, LSU or USC (basically the only powerhouse schools who have a shot of ever playing in a national championship in their home city) and get lucky enough for the home game, its played in the middle of Christmas break, when you're warm weathered city already looks more like a tourist postcard than the real thing.

But here is Butler, in all of their glory - I mean who is going to Indianapolis ever in late March who isnt there to watch some hoops. And, unless your team is Duke, WV, or the aforementioned Spartans, how can you not be hopping on the Butler bandwagon.