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If It Aint Broke...

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As we lead into the final weekend of what has been a fantastic March of Madness, there seems to be heightened discussion surrounding the concept of expanding the field of 64 (er 65) to 96 and I cant figure out why in the world that would be a good idea. In stark contrast to its BCS football counterpart, college basketball's season ending tournament is great - it generates a full month of buzz and excitement and from Selection Sunday to the National Championship game and everyone from big time Duke to small time Butler gets in on the action.

Of course there are always bubble teams that end up on the outside looking in, but thats half the fun - and really, when was the last time one of those fringe on-the-bubble teams actually won a national championship?!

It seems like the NCAA Hoops Tourney does such a great job getting fans across the nation excited - heck even my Canadian wife fills out a bracket - that I can't fathom why they would even begin tinkering with the system. I guess there is always the $$ that come with an extra weekend of Madness, but I really could care less about seeing the ACC #8 square off against the Pac-10 #7 in a play-in game the first week of March - and I surely dont want to see the Final Four bumped back until mid-April.

For the sake of the fans - who currently are voting on ESPN's SportsNation poll against expansion at a rate of 88% - please don't change the system... My bracket was ugly enough this year, I don't need to try to pick another 12 games.