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NFL Draft - Not a Mock, just Pass me the Rock

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I’m sick of mock drafts. Speculating on what a team "might" do is boring. I’d rather tell teams what they SHOULD do. Frankly, Al Davis should be reading this, nodding his head and calling me to run his draft room.

If I was a betting man, and I am, I’d rather actually place bets on the NFL draft than make up a "mock".

Below is my advice for the teams picking in the Top 10 spots of the upcoming NFL Draft.

#1 – St. Louis Rams – Ndamukong Suh, DT

Yes, I know that Sam Bradford had a fantastic pro day. So did Ryan Leaf. So did Peyton Manning. The point is, quarterbacks at the top of the draft are a crapshoot. They play better when they’re integrated into a team with all the pieces already in place. With Suh being the most dominant player in college football last year, he’s a much more reliable pick than Bradford, and will give the Rams instant return on their investment.

I’m sure that Colt McCoy or Tim Tebow will be available at the top of the 2nd round, and either one could turn out to be a great pro QB, just ask Drew Brees. It's much better value to get Suh and one of the better second tier QBs.

#2 – Detroit Lions – Gerald McCoy, DT

While the Lions appear to have a few pieces to build around on offense, they’re a little bare on defense. They had the worst pass defense (by DVOA) in the NFL last year and could use a DT who can both stop the run and rush the passer.

#3 – Seattle Seahawks (from TB) – Sam Bradford, QB

If both DT’s are off the board by the time the Bucs pick, they’d do well to take a ransom of picks from another team to trade down. They seem comfortable with Josh Freeman as their QB and could get a fortune from a team wanting to trade up for Bradford.

Seattle is probably in the best shape to trade up, and they would love to have Bradford as their quarterback of the future, no matter stupid the contract was that they gave to Charlie Whitehurst. And make no mistake, it WAS stupid.

#4 – Washington Redskins – Russell Okung, OT

The Redskins defense was ranked 11th in DVOA last year, so it’s not a particular area of need. They managed to acquire an outstanding QB in Donovan McNabb so will likely need to protect him.

It might make sense to trade down and acquire picks, but with the top 3 players gone, the likelihood of any team overpaying for the 4th pick is slim. Besides, Shanahan has always built his offense on the foundation of great offensive line play.

#5 – Kansas City Chiefs– Trent Williams, OT

The Chiefs have many of the pieces needed to make their offense click. Matt Cassel (debatable), Dwayne Bowe, Jamaal Charles, and now Thomas Jones are all solid offensive players.

Adding an offensive lineman with top grades could help that offense take the next step. Todd Haley is an offensive coach and Scott Pioli showed he likes to build from the lines out in New England. This pick would fit the talent available and a need for their team.

#6 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Sea) – Eric Berry, S

After trading down to acquire some picks, the Bucs could still acquire an impact defensive player. Berry has drawn a lot of comparisons to Ed Reed and Troy Polamalau, which is weird, because they are completely different players. I’m just saying…..

Either way, if the Bucs can grab extra draft picks and still get Berry in the first round, even the Glazers would have to party a little bit.

#7 – Cleveland Browns – Jimmy Clausen, QB

The Browns can’t go wrong with a QB from Notre Dame…what’s that?....really?...they HAVE gone wrong with a Fighting Irish triggerman?

Let me put it this way. Mel F*cking Kiper Jr. has him as the #4 prospect in the draft OK, that should be enough for anyone.

All I can say is that the Browns cannot possibly go into the season with Jake Delhomme as their quarterback without someone waiting in the wings behind him. And what better way to have the fans clamor for a young QB than to have Delhomme as your starter?

#8 – Oakland Raiders – Dez Bryant, WR

No, I’m not joking. Dez Bryant is considered one of the most sure things in the draft based on his talent. He may have been suspended by the NCAA, but it was for lying about dinner. He wasn’t caught taking bribes or gifts and he doesn’t have a substance abuse record.

The Raiders had the 3rd worst passing DVOA in the league last year and it wasn’t all because of the QBs. Darius Heyward-Bey handles the ball like live grenade or a wasp nest, so why not actually draft a receiver with great hands and prototypical size?

At 8th, Bryant would be a steal, and might actually help JaMarcus out a little.

#9 – Buffalo Bills – Bryan Bulaga, OT

The Bills had a very respectable defense last year, ranking 6th in DVOA. Their offense, however, was ranked 27th. They would love to have Clausen or Bryant land in their lap, but in this case, Bulaga is the best offensive player available.

Adding to the offensive line for Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch to run behind could give that defense more time to rest and help the Bills win a few more grind-it-out games.

#10 – Jacksonville Jaguars – Joe Haden, CB

When your pass defense is ranked 31st in the league, it’s time to draft a pass rusher, a corner or a free safety.

None of the pass-rushers available this year really jumps out and the best safety is already off the board at this point. Haden is the best corner in the draft, and the only reason he’s fallen this far is the rumor of a slow 40 time.