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Assuming Brandon Marshall Likes Rap Music...

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Assuming Brandon Marshall likes rap music, and given his general demeanor I'd say thats a safe bet, then he should definitely be bumping Ice Cube's classic "It Was A Good Day" - as that guy had to have had one of the best days imaginable.

Marshall has long been demanding that the Broncos 'show-him-the-money' or trade him, with an apparent preference on the latter. Well, today both of his wishes (as well as my dreams) came true - he got paid $47.5mil to move to Miami and play for the Dolphins. I know the Rockies are beautiful and I'm sure Broncos fans really support their team and blah, blah, blah - but for some reason I can't picture Marshall sloshing down the slopes and am pretty sure the move to South Beach is a serious upgrade for his preferred lifestyle.

Tack on half a hundred mil and this guy must feel like its Christmas & his birthday rolled into one. Not to mention the Dolphins ain't too shabby - last season they were respectable, Chad Henne looked like he may develop to a real QB, and if they stay healthy they've got a very nice running back duo which will help Marshall get a lot more open looks. Of course given his penchant for off-the-field problems, I can't imagine living on South Beach will help him minimize his run-ins with the law - but hopefully he can just stay out of trouble long enough to cash in some of those big old checks the Dolphins will be sending him.

Now for the Broncos its a different story. One year ago their new head coach (who was replacing an all-time great that they pushed out) traded away their Franchise QB for a perennial back-up and now they've given up their most dangerous offensive weapon again for not much in return. I understand Josh McDaniel's approach and the whole "There is no 'I' in Team", but at some point he's going to have to learn to deal with the over-paid diva attitude of top pro sports talent - because without them the Broncos just wont be able to compete in the modern NFL.