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I am not someone who believes in stereotypes...

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But really Philly fans? Really? I mean I know you guy's booed Santa and I am cool with that, but this is too much. Some 21 year old fan was arrested and accused of assault after intentionally vomiting on an 11 year old girl during a Phillies game on Wednesday night. He was literally sticking his finger down his throat to make himself puke. I am feeling a weird mixture of disgust and awe...I have been to many Raider's game and while there are rowdy drunks I have never personally witnessed behavior that heinous - although one friend did tell me that a Raider fan pushed his pregnant wife at a game. What is wrong with you fans in Philly? Why so bitter? Is it the weather? You guys have an amazing team! I have officially decided that you people shouldn't be allowed outside of the PA/NJ, you just don't understand how to interact in the real world.