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4 - 6 Game Suspension For Big Ben?!?! Yikes!

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I was shocked this morning when I woke up to see the news that Ben Roethlisberger was suspended by the NFL for 4-6 games. I thought that Ben should maybe get a game and that would be that. What is the NFL becoming? A southern church football league (is there such a thing)? I know that the police report states that Ben had sexy time with a women in the bathroom, and she claimed assault and that is a very embarrassing thing for the League, but in the eyes of the law he did nothing wrong. This Roger Goodell is too moral and too powerful for me, I understand that he has a multi-billion dollar business to protect and he is ultimately responsible for keeping the cash machine that is the NFL growing, but you need to relax a little buddy. I doubt that NFL fans would've been outraged with a 1 game suspension and stopped showing up for games. Could you imagine if this Goodell had to do deal with the 70's Raiders or LT in the 80's? LT would've gotten a lifetime ban and all of his stats would've been expunged from the NFL record books, and Goodell would have probably looked into the legalities of having him killed. I understand that claims of sexual assaults are very sticky situations (zing!) and that they need to be treated very carefully, but when the DA announced that they "prosecuted crimes not morals" they had it right. Roger Goodell needs to realize that people are sometimes up to skeevy things that aren't illegal, and they shouldn't lose their livelihood over them.