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Tonight's draft is making my head spin

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I am the type of sports fan that listens to the talking heads on ESPN and the radio, reads SB, and takes the various opinions and mixes them with what I observe and try to put them together in to some type of conclusion about the state of my sports teams and their various strengths, weaknesses, needs etc. The problem is my football knowledge is limited, I never played and while I try I don't have a real sense for the game and what skills (besides strength and speed) makes one player better than the other. I can for instance say, "The 49er's need to give Smith more time, we need line help". But I can't say "Wow we have to take Okung over Williams because of a,b, and c". Lacking this skill is extremely maddening, especially on night's like tonight. It doesnt really matter because I love the draft and I am so excited to see who our team will take and what direction we are looking to go in. A lot of "experts" have CJ Spiller falling to my team the 49ers at 13, when the basic consensus is that we need to take the best OT available. Taking Spiller would be like taking a hand job from a 10 while passing on banging out a 8. Anyhow I hope you are all as excited for tonight as I am, and I hope all of your team's find the hidden Tony Mandarich/Ryan Leaf/Todd Maranovich hybrid that is surely out there.