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Has Mel Kiper lost a step? Has the preeminent draft guru turned into Mr. Irrelevant?

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Did ESPN send someone up to Kiper's room to make sure he was OK after the personal debacle that was last night's 1st round of the NFL draft? Mel Kiper"s life is the NFL Draft, he spends more time studying the musculature of 18-23 year old men than Clay Aiken, Lance Bass, and Elton John combined. Unfortunately Mel sucks at his chosen profession (if you want to call it a profession). I read that Mel picked 28 of 32 players that went in the first round, that sounds pretty good, until you dig a little deeper and realize that he only got 10 out of 32 direct hits (meaning right player w/right team). What is the main thing that people want to know going into the draft? For most of us I would argue that the answer is; who the hell is my team gonna take? If you are looking for answers to that question I wouldn't go looking for Mel. When Tebow was picked last night over Clausen, Mel had a look on his face of a man who was questioning his purpose in life. It was as if you spent your life as an auto mechanic and when someone needed your help on the side of the road, you couldn't change their tire. I feel bad for Mel his life took a sharp downturn when ESPN brought in Todd McShay, I guarantee that if you approached Mel and told him that he could kill McShay and never be caught he wouldn't hesitate for a second. Every time McShay and him are going back and forth it looks like Mel is using every fiber in his being not to reach over the table and strangle him. The cherry on top is that Mel has shed his youthful looks (no homo) and is now looking like some type of fierce owl/eagle combo...and sadly, the hair is thinning.