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Say Hello To Ya Mother For Me

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Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland had to tuck his tail between his legs today and apologies to recent Dallas Cowboys first round pick, and former Oklahoma State Cowboy WR,  Dez Bryant after it got out that during the pre-draft process he questioned the player on his mothers promiscuity. Apparently during a visit to the Dolphins in March, Ireland asked Bryant some pointed inqueries about his personal background, specifically the, now regrettable, question if his mother was a prostitute.

Although reports are that Bryant didn't flip out, he was clearly perturbed by the dead-pan 'Yo Mamma' joke that the suit dropped on him - particularly considering there has been a lot made about his mother's troubled past, which included a stint in jail for drug offenses.

Within his genuine apology, Ireland did explain that its his job to know everything about his players - or potential players - before the draft and that detailed questions about their family life are not uncommon. All is well that ends well, as the 'Boys ended up trading up for his services, meaning Dez will be getting the chance to play for a title contender in his home state, while getting paid to catch balls from one of the NFL's elite QB's on a national stage almost every week.

As hopefully soon-to-be team owners ourselves we can't help but wonder how our fans will act when they get their turn as the GM. While this specific query does seem to be out-of-bounds, we can imagine that there are lots of scenarios where some sensitive personal background info will be of serious interest to our fan's as they work to submit a vote on who is making our squad. We will continue to leave it up to the fans to decide things like what types of questions prospective new players, coaches, etc have to answer as part of the interview process - so hopefully they leave our candidates mama's out of it.