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Quote of the Hour - Kevin McHale

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During tonight's Hawks - Bucks playoff game, color-man Kevin McHale went off on some strange tangent about point scoring and referenced Larry Bird proudly saying: "I know you're watching!"

Really, you KNOW that he's watching a completely useless weeknight game on TNT?!?!

Despite his penchant for grotesquely short shorts, McHale was a great power forward playing alongside Bird and Robert Parrish in the 80's and then he turned into a terrible GM with the Timberwolves. He's a mediocre commentator, but that line really got me.

Unless McHale had checked in with Larry Legend right before he went on air, it seems like a pretty ridiculous statement. If it was the Celtics (the team Bird spent his career playing for) or the Pacers (the team Bird now owns part of), then I would understand - even if it was a top team like the Cavs or the Lakers, or a fun team like the Suns, it would make sense... but the Hawks & Bucks?! Neither of these teams seems to have any interest in even winning this series - probably because both of them know that they aren't getting past the next round. Their first round playoff match-up is the NBA's equivalent of the island on Lost -  some strange post-life time warp that, when you're there, feels like you're on an important mission, but once you leave you are dead.

So if Larry Legend really was spending his Wednesday evening watching this game then he either is completely and utterly obsessed with the NBA or someone needs to remind him of how rad he was in the 80's and tell him to get it back together.