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What's Your Number?

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My friend would've totally robbed Carlos Pena for #13
My friend would've totally robbed Carlos Pena for #13

I have been going to baseball games for 25 years, I would say I average conservatively 4 games a year - so all in all I have been to around 100 MLB baseball games in my life. I have sat in good seats, I have sat in bad seats, I have been to games where there are 55,000 fans and games where there were under 5,000, I have been to games while drunk sad, and I have been to games while high happy. I have been to night games, day games, extra inning games and blowouts. I have seen fights on the field and fights in the stands - what I am trying to convey here is that I have experienced a lot of things at baseball games and the one thing that I have never have done is caught a ball that has gone into the stands during the course of a game. I have never even caught a BP grounder that has gone into the stands, or even a BP homer for that matter.

I am bringing all of this up because I have a friend, who may or may not write for this blog, that claims that he has retrieved "at least twelve balls" over the course of his baseball watching career! I think this is a wildly ludicrous statement from a person who I find to be totally rational in most cases, and who has no history of making such insane claims about any subject. I am fairly sure that he has been to less games than I have, and I have never ever seen this mf-er bring his mitt to a game. It isn't like this guy is running around with a giant net and choosing seats based on their propensity for catching foul balls, in fact this guy can be found most of the time in the Westside Club (which is a glassed in bar that over looks the beautiful grounds of the Oakland Coliseum). And to make matters worse, the one time in my life where I've had the chance to catch a foul ball (it was literally screaming right at me) he reached over in front of me knocked the ball down with his hands and caused it to casually fall into the seat next to a fan who ducked to get out of the way, who then easily plucked it out of the empty seat in front of us.

What do you think? Is this guy delusional? Is there any way on god's green earth that he has caught "at least" twelve foul balls during his baseball watching career? How many have you caught? - please tell me in the comments, I want to know that I am not the one taking crazy pills.

When we get a team, we will be sure to make it uber accessible for the young fans to take home a game-used souvenir - but giving away a dozen balls to everyone at the park may just bankrupt us!