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Erin Andrews Gets Guys Crazy

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don't hate her cause she's a serious international 10
don't hate her cause she's a serious international 10

Erin Andrews is obviously one of the hottest sports reporters ever, hell she might be one of the hottest chicks on TV period. I am not really interested in starting an argument of where her hotness ranks her in terms of television people, but I am amazed that her looks make men so crazy. I honestly feel bad for her, her amazing looks have literally put her life in danger. Most guys can check her out be amazed at her babeliciousness and then go about their business, but for some reason Erin Andrews seems to really bring the whack jobs out of the woodwork. I mean she has guys secretly video taping her, sending her threatening emails and threatening to blow her up with suicide vests...This is behavior usually reserved for terrorists, this girl conjures up the same type of emotion in men that Allah does for Islamic Fundamentalists - it is really quite something when you stop and think about. I hope these people can access the non-crazy part of their brains and leave this poor girl alone, if you are meant to be with her it will happen, dont be all crazy and weird - I am guessing videotaping her through a peephole is not the surest way to her heart. Maybe EA should do a tasteful ten page spread in Playboy it might appease some of the crazies out there...just a thought.