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04/05/10 - April Awesomeness

Final Four - This years NCAA Hoops Tourney was full of surprising upsets, early exits for top teams and a (semi) Cinderella story. And last nights final game, which was set up to be a snoozefest between defensive-minded, local favorite Butler and the always hard to root for Dukies, turned out to be a total gem. Of course the game ended on a missed Butler buzzer beater from half court that fell about 4 inches off from being the greatest ending in the history of basketball - and finally wiping Christian Laetner from the marquee spot on highlight reels for the rest of eternity. But it was still a great game, with constant lead changes and a hard fought effort on both sides from start to finish.

It was pretty clear that neither of these teams looked like the best in the country, as its hard to imagine either of them beating Kentucky or Kansas more than 3 out of 10 times - but in this tourney, they won the games they had to play and got themselves to the final game and made it a real treat to the fans who watched courtside and on TV's across the country. On what was a great day of sports (Tiger press conference, opening day in baseball, etc), a game that was expected to be a boring affair turned out to be a gem - and further proof that college basketball's got the best championship format in sports, so lets hope they keep it as is next year and beyond.