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04/05/10 - Tigers Whiskers

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It looks like they are growing out the rough at Augusta this year.
It looks like they are growing out the rough at Augusta this year.

El Tigre's Mane - Tiger Tiger Woods Y'all showed up Monday afternoon for his first real, big time press conference since the Turkey Day Disaster that ruined his billion dollar name sporting a new piece of seriously unnecessary facial hair that ain't doing anything good to restore his formerly squeaky clean reputation. Yes, the presser was a good strep in the right direction and yes, Tiger seemed genuinely contrite and remorseful for his actions - but the goatee just screamed "Dirtbag!"

You'd think if you were attempting to convince the world that you were no longer into strippers and cocktail waitresses and strange Ambien sex binges, that you'd want to go clean shaven. It's sort of like trying to sell your used car without even bothering to run the thing through an automatic wash at the local 76. For all of the things that his camp did right in the last month or two in terms of fixing up his battered and bruised image, you think they could have handed the guy a Norelco before he walked out on stage.

As Andre Agassi said, "Image is Everything" and the lasting pic from that press conference in my mind is a picture of Tiger looking like a redneck creeper with a strange semi-grown in chin-stache. I'm sure this is some type of strange ploy to get back at Gillette for dropping him when the sh*t hit the fan, but for all of his fans who will be rooting for him this weekend if he's back on the leaderboard (of which I'll likely be one of them), it would make it a heck of a lot easier if he'd clean himself up beforehand.