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I Feel Bad For Shaun Rogers

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As soon as Shaun Rogers was busted for carrying a gun through airport security people couldn't wait to get on the internet and start trashing him in discussion forums and in the comments section of every article that was written about him. Most of these commentators used words like "idiot" and "stupid" and their sentiments basically were lock the guy up and or give him an indefinite suspension. Here's a news flash sports fans - there is a good percentage of you out there that are racist sons of bitches, in nearly every article I read there were multiple comments that used the N word and were comments that were derogatory toward Shaun because of his race. It was really quite alarming and sad. It goes without saying that none of you racist bastards would dare say anything to Shaun's face because he would stomp you into the ground in a matter of seconds. I don't know where all you racists are from and why you feel it necessary to anonymously be racist on the internet - does it make you feel like a tough guy or a badass? Or do you really just hate people based on the color of their skin? Either way it is weird and backwards.

Now, I don't feel bad for Shaun because he is being assailed by internet tough guys, he is a big boy (literally) and rich as hell and doesn't give a damn about what people say on the internet about him. I feel bad that he lives his life needing a gun to feel safe. Carrying a gun is obviously something that is very routine to him, so routine in fact that he accidentally left one in a bag that he used as luggage. Do you think Shaun was gonna hi-jack the plane, I mean get real? What Shaun did was stupid but it was just a mistake, nothing more, nothing less. I hope the NFL let's Shaun continue to play and doesn't over react to this slight transgression, his ability to make a living should not be taken away from him. As for you racist dip shits out there I hope your all of your daughters grow up to be meth addicted whore's.