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ESPN is run by a bunch of dumbass loser idiots.
ESPN is run by a bunch of dumbass loser idiots.

Listen, I am not a lawyer, but I do fancy myself one when I am drunk. When inebriated I tend to transform into a know it all who will dole out legal advice, criticize corporate strategy, and basically lend a very strong opinion to subjects that I have only a passing knowledge of. I am telling you this because I am sure there is some deal between Disney and Augusta National Golf Club as to how many hours of live Thursday and Friday golf they can show. ESPN is only showing three and half hours of golf coverage on each weekday. They are going live on the air at 1 p.m. pacific and Tiger is set to tee off at 10:42 pacific, so all in all we will get to see most of Tiger's back nine. Why isn't ESPN showing the whole goddamn thing? You know it's going to be the most widely viewed weekday golf event ever, you'd think that they'd just show his whole round and make the fans happy as well as make some extra dough. I remember back in the day that the USA Network would show nine hours Thursday and Friday coverage. I can't for the life of me figure out why ESPN isn't showing more of this event which in normal years is huge but this year is garnering off the charts excitement.