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Congratulations, Dirk Hayhurst!

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If you've been a regular reader of Front Office Fans, you may have noticed that I'm sort of a big fan of Blue Jays reliever Dirk Hayhurst. In January, I discussed how Dirk would be a great fit If Our Team Needs Pitchers, and then after he suffered an arm injury in February, I provided An Update on Project Franchise's Favorite Pitcher. If you recall (or if you just don't feel like reading the other links), in addition to being the creator of the half-giraffe, half-moose character The Garfoose, which doubles as his Twitter handle, he also released a book last week entitled The Bullpen Gospels

Thus, it should be no surprise that upon learning that the big bookstore nearby finally had copies of Hayhurst's book in stock, I took a walk in the rain - which turned into a thunderstorm - to pick up my copy. I arrived back home 45 minutes later, completely soaked, but eager to jump into the book I'd heard so many great things about. So many good things in fact, that I went out on a limb and predicted that the book would reach best-seller status. I'm only through the first 75 pages, as some other responsibilities have torn the book out of my hands on occasion, but I can truly say that so far, the book lives up to the hype. It's made me laugh out loud, and get choked up, a bunch of times, and I'm not even a quarter of the way through. As we move towards the purchase of a minor league sports team, Dirk's terrific book feels like the best possible introduction to sporting life we never truly get to hear about.

About an hour ago, Dirk Hayhurst received some great news, which he shared with his fans over Twitter:

YEEEEESSSSSSS! I made it! I made! I made the NY Times Best seller list! #19 on nonfiction paper backs and the best selling sports book!


I hate to say I told you so, but...

Congratulations, Dirk, and thanks for making it so easy to cheer for you along this journey.