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5/10/10 - Lazy Birds

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Atlanta Hawks - As I mentioned last week it sure didn't look like the Hawks had much of any interest in making it to the second round, and after the beating they took from the Magic it sure seems like I was right. The Hawks, who are actually a pretty talented team, seemed quite content just sliding past a banged up Bucks squad and literally laid down in what turned out to be an embarrassing sweep. The Magic did look dominant and are probably the hottest team in hoops right now, but could the Hawks have thrown their fans a friggin bone?!

If I had spent $350 to cop some near-courtside tix next to Lil John or Jermaine Dupri for tonight's game 4, I would have honestly considered asking for at least a partial refund on my way out the door. Over the 4 losses this series the Hawks were outscored by 101 points and allowed the Magic's all world center Dwight Howard to miss only 5 shots in the entire series. Since defense in the NBA is really all about effort, it shouldn't be much of a surprise to see the Hawks getting totally abused - because they gave up around May 1 and decided to call it a season.

In all reality their was very little chance the Hawks ever stood in this series, but as a fan of their team I sure would have expected them to actually try to win a game at home just so they could end the season with a decent feeling of hope for next year.