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Cup Crazy Canucks

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After the Canadians stunning game seven 5-2 upset of the defending champ Penguins tonight, their fans decided to party "West Virginia Style" by rioting in Montreal. An AP news report claims "hundreds of bottle tossing youths" took the streets after the Canucks big W tonight, lighting small fires and basically causing a commotion throughout town in celebration of their beloved teams impressive victory.

Apparently the Mounties came through with some tear gas and suppressed the crowds - further showcasing the strong force that the Canadian police are known for demonstrating in times of chaos. In addition to the standard fire lighting and liquor store looting, the fans apparently took part in a large quantity of "crowd surfing" as they entered into that euphoria that comes with an awesome, unexpected series closeout win.

We at Project Franchise are all about the fans, and would be lying if we said we haven't done some unnecessarily long kegstands or stupidly loud "hoots and hollers" when our teams have defied the odds - but I'm not sure that breaking in on a liquor store for some free cider (Canadians love that stuff) has ever been in the cards. When the kids go crazy in Morgantown they light sofas on fire and get into all types of weird moonshine, but apparently Canadians just like to crowdsurf.

We haven't really made our minds up about how far fans should go when celebrating a major win, but we are pretty sure that when we have our own team and stadium, that we will definitely pimp it out with a bar that stays open surprisingly late after big games and includes all types of easily breakable items so that the fans can come through and rock out with the players (and us owners)... and we may even allow crowd surfing for our north of the border constituency.