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Is Lance Armstrong guilty of anything more than being awesome?

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I was all set to write an article proclaiming Lance Armstrong's guilt, I was gonna use the TO line of reasoning to make the case ("if it looks like a rat. and it smells like a rat, then by golly, it's a rat") but I just watched him hold an informal presser at the Tour of Cailfornia and I have to say he defended himself well and definitely had me thinking that this Floyd Landis could be totally full of shit. It may be easier to side with Lance, he is the all American Golden Boy that was a symbol of just how badass America still was post September 11th. It also helped that his body didn't change in any overtly freakish way. We may never know if Lance ever used PED's, he never failed a test, people may continue to make claims, but the only way we will ever know now is if Lance comes out and admits it. The only person we can be totally sure took PED's without any proof is of course Barry Bonds.