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Apparently Winning Is Everything For Cleveland

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With the upcoming July 1 LeBron James Decision Date looming ahead, the Cavalier's front office pulled the plug on the Mike Brown era, sending the coach packing and saving themselves $4.5 mil. Over 5 seasons in Cleveland, Brown has helped them go from league laughing stock to a perennial powerhouse, making a finals appearance and owning the league's best record this regular season.

Unfortunately for Cleveland fans however, this squad has not been able to bring home a championship - getting ousted last week in six games of the Eastern Conference Semis by Boston. While it does appear that the Celtics are finally healthy and may actually win the whole thing, given that Cleveland has LeBron and that this year they brought in big names like Shaq & Antawn Jamison, apparently anything short of the ring just isn't good enough for the Cav's management. While it does sound like Brown is getting a little bit of a raw deal, its pretty hard to question the moves of a team who is courting the best player on the planet and made all of the moves it could to put themselves in position to win a ring this year.

The big question on the minds of fans in Cleveland today has to be how this will effect the re-signing of King James this offseason. Bron-Bron was supposedly quite close to Brown (although not as close as Delonte was to his mom - ziiiiing!), so you would think that this move hurts the Cav's chances of keeping him in town. However, this now means that there is an opening at head coach that LeBron can literally fill himself - or at least have a very big say in how its filled. The biggest names being thrown around as early candidates are Phil Jackson and Coach K, and fan's would have to believe that Cleveland landing either one would go a long way to keeping James in town, which in turn would keep the Cav's relevant for the next 5-10 years.