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Roy Halladay - Perfect

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It would be hard for me to come up with anything more to say about Roy Halladay and his Perfect Game. Writers far better than me have already summed that up, like Yahoo! Sport's Jeff Passan who wrote about The Perfect Guy and ESPN"s Jayson Stark who noted that Halladay was the perfect pitcher to throw a perfect game

I could talk more about the devotion he has to his craft and how much he's earned this moment, but that's already been summed up by the writers who told us that Halladay kept the media waiting after last night's game so he could get in his post-game workout, or how when players showed up to the field this morning, Halladay was already drenched in sweat from his morning-after workout. 

I would try to weigh in on the Ubaldo vs. Halladay debate, but I'd prefer to let the people much smarter than me at FanGraphs show you the numbers that tell the story.

I could even play up the bitter-sweet card, and talk about how it would have been so much greater to see Halladay throw that Perfect Game as a pitcher for my team, the Blue Jays, over the last 10 years of his career. But all those years of watching the best pitcher in the sport provided me so many good memories that I'm more than happy to share this moment with Phillies fans.

As much as our society looks up to famous athletes nowadays, far too often are they influences we could do without. It's a rare feat to find a world class athlete who hasn't been noted to have attitude issues, dealt with steroid accusations, or been caught up with some off-field antics that make them far less than ideal role models.

Not Roy Halladay, though. It would be too easy to just sit here today and call Roy Halladay "perfect." In so many ways, he is the perfect athlete. He's a class act on and off the field. He's never involved in controversies, puts in incomparable effort and preparation for every start he makes, and oh, he's had quite the impressive career to go with it.

And that's what makes it too easy to just call Halladay "perfect." Traded to Philadelphia this off-season, it was clear to anyone that had followed his career that he was about to do some special things on a much more grand stage than he'd ever had experienced north of the border. 

See, if you call Roy Halladay "perfect" today, than you're probably going to have to come up with some more adjectives before too long. Perfect? Maybe. But to Roy Halladay, this won't be seen as perfection. Perfection is the quest he's set out for, maybe from when he was traded to Philadelphia, maybe from the first start of his career, maybe from when he first picked up a baseball. Roy Halladay wants to win a world series, and with the devotion he has to his craft, I have a feeling we haven't even seen the tip of the iceberg yet.

Roy Halladay may have thrown the 20th Perfect Game in Major League Baseball history, but in his quest for a state of perfection far beyond any other athlete on the planet today, he's just getting started.

For now though, congratulations Doc. It couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy.