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Money Mayweather Just Keeps Making Money

HBO's awesome mini-documentary series 24/7 does a great job of getting fans inside the background of the training period that goes down in the weeks before a big fight, and in this "season" Floyd Mayweather repeatedly let the viewers know how bad he was going "F*ck Up" his older opponent - and thats just what he did.

Six minutes into Saturday's fight it sure looked like Mayweather, who "retired" almost two years ago, had lost a step and was forced to fight a different kind of fight against what appeared to be a much bigger opponent. But, after the second round, things all changed and "Money" earned his payday, aggressively dismantling Sugar Shane Mosely as he charged forward and pounded away on the aging former champion.

For his services Floyd will get $22.5 million in guaranteed cash, plus a cut of the PPV dollars which will likely net him close to $30 mil in straight (pre-tax) cash that he will most definitely be putting down at the Sports Book. As any regular viewer of 24/7 knows, Floyd is a sports nut and spends most of his evenings spending his "Money" betting on every type of game, match or race you can think of.

While he is wildly cocky and arrogant, the guy is beyond "really good" and qualifies as GREAT - and may go down as the greatest non-heavyweight of all time. In almost a decade and half of pro boxing he has never lost a fight - and its never even been close. His personality is that of the kind of guy that most everyone would consider a "punk" - but the problem is that he does nothing but back it up, time and time again.

Instead of really getting into the details of his last beat down or getting ourselves revved up for the possibility of a Fight Of The Century later this year between Floyd and Manny Pacquaio, we're using this opportunity to remember one of the greatest displays of fandom by a pro athlete in the middle of a championship battle - the day that Floyd decided to bust out his NFL picks mid-round to ringside announcer Jim Lampley.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER talking to Lampley during a Fight!!! (via spartancid)


While Project Franchise is all about fan-interactivity, we're not sure we want our players hollering at the announcers in the middle of the game - but we'd take a die hard fan like Floyd in our Front Office anytime... so if you're reading this "Money", we'd be happy for you to place a sizable bet on our squad!