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Philly fans make news, again

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I personally love it when people rush the field of play - especially in baseball there is so much room to run and juke out the rent-a-cops, it is a sweet bonus to see this when you go to games. Fan on field incidents are NEVER not entertaining. The fact that this Philly kid got tasered when he rushed the field last night makes it a million times more hilarious, what I wouldn't have given to see that S* go down live. I saw an amateur cell phone video but you couldn't really tell what was going on - if anybody knows where i can view some good footage please let me know.

Did the kid deserve to get tasered? Probably not, but with all the crazies out there (especially in Philly) you cant really blame the cops. Remember that father/son combo that beat up Royals first base coach Tom Gamboa? That wasn't funny at all - did you know that the father and son got off with only probation for the vicious attack? Of course Mr. Ligue quickly violated his probation and was sent to prison. And the son has of course grown up to follow in his fathers footsteps and it seems he is really coming into his own as the perfect specimen of white trash.

I do'nt want to encourage fans to rush the field but I don't want it to stop either, it is a true conundrum. When Project Franchise has a team you can be damn well sure that we will frown against fan's entering the feel of play, but maybe we'll do so with a wink that say's "if you are dumb enough to try - have at it"...and also make sure that the MMA guys we hire to do on field security have stretched properly before the game.