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The Value of a Great #1 Pick

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Although his big league career is only one game old, the Nationals must be pretty thrilled with their first overall pick in last years draft. Not only did the simple announcement of the hurlers first start almost immediately sell out what would have otherwise been a sucky weeknight game against the lowly Pirates, but it also brought in over 150 media types which gave it major national (pun very much intended) coverage.

Think about the madness that an early season Nationals - Pirates game almost trumped Game 3 of a tiedNBA Finals between the Lakers and Celtics!!

The highlights of Stephen Strasburg's first MLB start, however were pretty darn impressive. The guy brought the heat and fanned 14 batters, making only one mistake (a 2 run HR) over 7 full innings in a dominating 5-2 Nationals win in front of over 40,000 very happy DC fans. Strasburg may very well be baseball's version of LeBron James - a guy long viewed as the next great thing who appears to be poised to make good on the hype. Of course taking him with the top selection last year was a no-brainer, but considering how often we hear about terrible "#1 Overall Busts" (especially in the NBA & NFL) it seems like we should pay some respect when it works the other way and an entire fan base can be re-energized in just one year after making the perfect draft pick.