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College Footbal Shaking It Up

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While its quite clear that USC won't be winning any national championships in 2011, there appears to be a whole lot of unknowns concerning who will be winning the conference championships come next year - mostly because it seems like most of the major conferences are going to look a whole lot different after this season.

Colorado announced it was leaving the Big-12 for the Pac-10 earlier this week ,and now Nebraska has also said its jumping ship and heading to the Big-10 and Boise State is following suit as they will move to the Mountain West Conference.

However, the shake ups so far seem small by comparison to the rampant speculation of changes that include just about every major program not already in the Big-10, Pac-10 or SEC. What sounds like the most likely scenario involves a dissolvement of the Big-12 as Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Baylor and Texas Tech will join Colorado in the Pac-16 and Missouri will follow in the Huskers footsteps as they also join the Big-10, along with some teams from the Big East like Rutgers and Pitt. These changes will likely push the SEC into making a move to keep itself as the pre-eminent football conference by raiding Miami, Florida State, Georgia Tech and Clemson from the ACC (or possibly Texas A&M from the Big-12). Which will then leave the ACC with some openings to fill, likely meaning more Big East defections of big name programs like West Virginia.

No one knows exactly where all of the cards will fall, but it sure appears like the college football landscape is going to be very different in just a couple of weeks.