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So apparently this soccer is a pretty big deal, but not to me.

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The drinking at a bar part is definitely cool
The drinking at a bar part is definitely cool

Are you like me? Do you have only a passing interest in soccer? I have never followed soccer closely at all, I do however respect the game and the players, but to be completely honest, I will probably watch my team's baseball game on the day that the World Cup final is played. I have enjoyed watching the games, the pageantry and the enthusiasm of the fans is really quite remarkable, but I just think that at this point in my life being a soccer fan just ain't gonna happen. I remember thinking to myself during the U.S Hockey Team's run in this Olympics was going to finally turn me into a hockey fan. Not only did I not watch a hockey game after the Olympics but i was happy that the season was over so I wouldn't have to sit through hockey highlights on SportsCenter any longer. I will promise to try hard to join the world community of soccer fans, however I dont see myself ever really getting in to it. Unless the U.S. wins of course.