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Listen, I love strip clubs....

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Close, but not the same.
Close, but not the same.

I have been plotting and scheming to get into them since I was 16 years old. A friend of mine recently stated that he couldn't remember ever not having fun at a strip club. I totally concur. You usually go with a group of friends, you are usually pleasantly intoxicated and often celebrating a monumental event in you or your friends life's. Now if you're the type of person that is hitting up the strip club buffet for lunch on a Tuesday, you might want to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if your life is going in the optimal direction. For the majority of us, those who go to strip clubs with an appetite only for T&A, wouldn't dream of causing any trouble - we just want to enjoy ourselves and get lost in the wonderful world of silicone, glitter, and kiwi strawberry body spray. Professional athletes,however, seem to have different ideas altogether. Off the top of my head I can think of Pac Man dragging a stripper by her hair across the floor of a club after making it rain, I see my man Captain Jack standing on the roof of a car firing shots into the air at a strip club parking lot, and now we have Vince Young getting punky up in the (strip) club with a bouncer . What is the deal with these strip clubs and cant athletes just enjoy themselves like you and I? Why do they always have to act a complete fool? I am all for letting a man be a man and giving him free will to do whatever he wants, but it might be time that professional teams put in rules banning their players from entering these cabarets, nothing good ever comes out of them. It's not like your gonna find a wife at one of these places. The BEST thing you can hope for is a mild case of herpes (the type that only show up in cold sore form twice a year).