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Quote of the Hour - Queen Kong

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On the subject of Celtics fans chanting "Ug-ly Sis-ter" in reference of Lamar Odom's wife Khloe Kardashian, Doug Gottleib just pronounced on ESPN Radio, "She is an LA six, but a Boston ten!"

Although I am an admitted semi-fan of the Lakers, I don't care about them nearly enough to take any offense to the Celt's fans harassment of LO's reality star bride - particularly since I regularly refer to her by the Perez Hilton coined named "Kong Kardashian".

Being that I'm an LA local, I have seen Kong and her better looking siblings In Da Club on a few occasions, and, although she's not my cup of tea, Khloe actually isn't that terrible looking in real life - or at least wasn't the last time I saw her (supposedly she's put on some serious lb's lately, which probably isn't helping her looks). I may even say Gottleib is low-balling her LA score and, given her celeb cred, I would likely hand her a "dressed up 7". To give you some perspective though, I think that her sister's are both much better looking but still wouldn't give either anything more than a high 8 on their best day - my personal grading scale is not strictly linear, but more akin to the Richter Scale whereby each point becomes exponentially greater than the previous.

However, I digress... The real thing to consider here is whether or not Derek Fisher was correct in complaining about the fans shots at his teammate's wife, saying there had to be a line drawn somewhere as to what was appropriate material to heckle about. I think in many cases the player's wives should probably be a no-no, but when you decide to marry a media-hungry reality star during a 2 hour E! special - well I think you lose your right to complain.

The main point of Gottleib's diatribe was that Boston is a town full of ugly chicks - and while I'd like to be able to say he's wrong, I honestly can't think of a single "hot chick" from Massachusetts. So, if you've got any nominations, leave them in the comments (and being married to a dude from Boston doesn't count - meaning no Jennifer Garner).