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Call Me In Four Years

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Its doubtful those empty seats at the Galaxy game are going to fill up anytime soon.
Its doubtful those empty seats at the Galaxy game are going to fill up anytime soon.

Well it was fun while it lasted, but the final game of the World Cup for the USA this year reminded us exactly why fans here could care less about soccer 99.9% of the time. The "overtime" loss to Ghana was terribly anti-climactic, with the US spending the last 20 minutes of play down a goal and sleepily trotting up and down the field, taking no significant shots on goal.

All the while the Ghana team flailed and flopped, dragging out the running clock with fake injuries and slow substitutions. After wasting two hours of my life being bored, I have a very hard time understanding how Euro's call it "The Beautiful Game"?! There was nothing pretty about that hot mess. It was 20 dudes slugging around an oversized field where they very occasionally ended up with a ball in a good position to get lucky and try to score. In 2+ hours of play, the Americans were unable to send a single cross into a position to put a good shot on goal against a team that didn't look particularly impressive defensively, leaving our only cheering to an easy Landon Donovan goal off a penalty kick.

Whereas Donovan's heroics in the final minutes of the Algeria match earlier this week was exhilarating, this game was a total let down. The slow play, lack of excitement and unhappy ending resulted in a sporting event that definitely wasn't worth the hype and effort.

While is started off very well and had me believing that US fans may actually start to get into soccer, the end result of 2010 World Cup was extremely disappointing and very unlikely to help push the profile of the sport stateside.