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Remembering The Greatest Of All Time

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Although he was a bit before our time all this talk about John Wooden sure makes us think he must have been one heck of a good dude. He won a state title as a teenage hoops star in Indiana, then went on to play at in-state Purdue and led the Boilermakers to the national championship, eventually getting elected to the hoops Hall of Fame. And, as if that wasn't good enough, he's really known for being a coach - he had a winning record every season for three decades at UCLA, winning 10 NCAA Championships, including seven in a row at one point. In terms of college basketball accomplishment, he stands so far above everyone else there is virtually no chance that he'll ever get caught.

But whats amazing is that in all of the interviews and stories we've heard in the last couple of days since his passing, the main topic of discussion seems to be more about him as a good guy than anything about his ridiculously impressive resume. He had a lifelong love affair with his wife (who he continued writing love letters to after her passing - which made my wife audibly let out an "Aaaawww" when she heard it on the local news last night) and the kids he coached, teaching them more about life than basketball.

Clearly he was a one-of-a-kind and we can't ever expect to have someone of his caliber leading our squad, but when Project Franchise gets its own team, we only hope to have a guy (or gal) of his elk sitting at the front of the bench.