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Project Franchise - The Remix

We made some new friends this week who are very 'rock & roll' and figured we'd pass along the details. The site is called Fuzzedout and it basically enables simple music discovery with no extra hype or editorial. They post 5 songs a week and let the site visitors listen and vote on their favorite - then at the end of the week they provide the winning song as a free download, legally. Like us they launched their site earlier this year and are already starting to get some traffic, so hopefully they will blow up alongside us like Matt Damon & Ben Affleck... But we get to be Jason Bourne.

The dude who built the site put together this video that explains why they created Fuzzedout and its a lot inline with what we are trying to achieve with Project Franchise, by giving the power back to the people who care the most - the fans.

They've also got a blog on Tumblr where they post all sorts of cool indy music stuff and updates on how the site is coming along, which you can check out @ 

And if you think you're the ultimate music fan they've created a little contest to test you skills. Pitting the human ear against the Shazam app you get less than a minute to correctly "Name That Tune" for 5 different songs - get all of them right and they'll give you 5 fre Fuzzedout downloads. Check the game out in the video below and tell people your "with the band" at

Party on Wayne.